Friday, June 1, 2012

Minos Webcam Spy - One and only FREE webcam spying tool!

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Minos WebcamSpy v1.01 - About

Q:What is Minos WebcamSpy ?
A:Minos WebcamSpy is a tool you can use to spy on someone's webcam.

Q:How it works?
A:Person you want to spy must run your bait, bait you make with Minos WebcamSpy of course.

Q:Can I see the video of it : 
A:Here's a good video describing how it works:

Q:Do I have to buy this program? 
A: No. Minos WebcamSpy is a FREEWARE.

Q:Is it legal to use it?
A: It's legal to use it as long as you kid with your friends and people you know, we are NOT responsible for any trouble you make spying people you don't know!

 Q: How can I record the webcam I'm spying?
A: You don't need any additional screen recording software, just click on RECORD button to start recording and click STOP when you're done, recording will be automaticly saved to Minos Recordings folder in My documents 
Go to this website if you want to download working hacks